The development of society has made entertainment projects more and more abundant. In the past, everyone could only play on land or at the seaside. Now they can go to the sea to play snorkeling, and the yacht has become an indispensable means of transportation in the sea upstream play project. However, the yacht is no more expensive than the average car. It is worth a lot. The most expensive ones may even reach hundreds of millions of yuan. Millions of dollars are also very common. Because the new ones are more expensive, people will consider buying and selling second-hand yachts, while others will feel that it is not necessary to have full ownership, because the price of chartering is actually more moderate. There are still a large number of second-hand yachts on the market, because its maintenance is not difficult. Even the older models can also bring good enjoyment and experience after upgrading. Therefore, the price of second-hand yachts is never low, which means that this type of product is very valuable. If you don’t go out to the sea often, you may not need to buy it. It is better to rent it when you want to play. Compared to the sale of second-hand yachts, leasing cruise ships are more popular. You can already choose different levels of yachts. You must also consider the daily maintenance costs of buying yachts. It is also a waste of long-term idleness. Therefore, the choice of which method is more value for money should be decided by the customer.