With the gradual development of society, the beginning of the era of globalization has made the global village invisibly a big family. Therefore, in terms of studying, the emergence of international schools has undoubtedly become a hub for the relationship between the two. For the most part, to help students who want to study abroad, provide a favorable way. As for the difference between international schools and other ordinary schools, it can be seen from a very intuitive level. First, consider from educational resources. After all, international schools are in line with international standards. Although their teaching programs and resources are changing with each passing day, there will be no inherent phenomenon. Secondly, students who graduate from international schools have the opportunity to study and communicate abroad, which can broaden their horizons to a large extent. The Hong Kong ib school has set off a wave of learning such courses in the local area in recent years. So what is ib? Simply put, this is an international high school diploma. Focus on cultivating students’ understanding and thinking logic. It covers a wide range of courses, and the depth of the textbook is deeper than before. Such a course is more difficult for the average student to learn. The suggestion is to further deepen on the basis of the original learning. Otherwise, it is undoubtedly losing both sesame and watermelon.