The property mentioned here does not refer to the property company, but refers to the housing and office space used for business, including commercial buildings, star-rated hotels, comprehensive shopping malls or commercial buildings. Operating property mortgages refer to the behavior of owners of these properties who use these properties as collateral to lend to banks and use these properties to repay their loans without being limited to these incomes. What are the conditions for a property mortgage? To be able to carry out a business property mortgage must have certain conditions: First, there must be a bank account. Secondly, there is a loan card or a loan card, and there is no bad record. The so-called bad record is that the loan is overdue. Third, a good credit rating, asset-liability ratio can not be too high, and the business is in good condition, with repayment ability. In addition, it has all the property rights of the property to be mortgaged. Generally, such mortgages will go to the bank. A credit card is a kind of bank card that people often use when they consume. When a bank issues a credit card to an applicant, the review is strict. A proof of income must be provided. There is also a limit on the amount, and the amount is determined based on your income. Nowadays people often say that the number of cards is the meaning of Cantonese and credit cards. When we use credit cards, we must know that the money we spend on credit cards every month has to be paid back to the repayment period, otherwise there will be interest. If a person with a credit card wants to make a loan, then the number of cards is a must. The balance of the credit card must be paid off in order to be loaned.