As the saying goes, a white cover is ugly, and a black ruin all. This sentence is very reasonable. White people can wear clothes of any color, and when they are photographed, white people are more attractive and more eye-catching. When a person’s face grows on the face, it will make the whole face dark and dull, the skin will be white and young, and the long spots will make the skin feel dirty. The use of picosecond laser to remove spots can be said to be more effective, and it can be spotted at one time, and the effect can be seen immediately. The price of picoseconds is not too high, and everyone can afford it, about 3,000 to 5,000 yuan. The price of picoseconds is also related to the individual’s situation, because each person’s color spots are different, some people have dark spots, some are shallow, some are less, so each person’s treatment time and plan It’s all different, which leads to different prices. Many people are more concerned about the laser spotting treatment, which needs to be done several times to have an effect, because the pulse energy of the picosecond laser is very concentrated, and the melanin particles can be crushed very small, so it will be effective to do a picosecond, the stain Will obviously fade. However, if you want to completely remove the traces on your skin, you need to decide according to the specific situation. The picosecond laser has different effects on different symptoms. In addition, the number of picosecond laser treatments is related to the individual’s needs. If the situation is serious and you want the skin to be perfect, you can do it several times.