Now everyone’s quality of life is getting higher and higher. Everyone is starting to raise pets. Pets are like family members, they can accompany us and give us spiritual support. After all, the life of a pet is short-lived. Even if we don’t want to be separated from them, there is no way we can’t face it. After the death of the pet, it was followed by the treatment of the corpse. The method of handling the pet’s body was traditional burial and cremation. The burial was not realistic because the land is now being developed and not very environmentally friendly. Pet cremation refers to placing the pet’s remains in a cremator for high-temperature incineration and cremation. It is environmentally friendly and will not pollute the land and water. Pet cremation can choose a special pet agency, and generally provide pet hospice services, including pet cremation. The pet hospice can give the pet a perfect ending, and the pet does not accompany us for the rest of our lives. Pet cremation can not only completely remove the germ virus on the body, but also make it harmless. The owner can also collect the ashes of the pet. So what is the pet’s end-of-life charge? The pet end-of-life charge is not too low. The professional pet hospice service generally has a relatively high price, including cremation, casket and other expenses are generally around several thousand yuan. Of course, it depends on the weight and volume of the pet. If the pet is larger, it will cost more.