Many parents disapprove of the educational mechanism in Hong Kong. It is true that Hong Kong has a large population and it has increased competition. This is true for both work and study. Therefore, the Chinese children’s work can be said to be quite heavy. After nine years of compulsory education, some children can’t get into high school, and many children’s nature is suppressed. This made many parents dissatisfied and began to think of other ways, and letting children go to international schools has become a choice for many parents. ( )

International schools have their own set of education systems. Compared with domestic education, there is indeed a certain degree of advancement, but the cost is much higher than that of domestic schools. It can be said that the family conditions of children enrolled in international schools are good. What are the benefits of attending an international school?

First, it is easier to go to school. It is easier to go to school in an international school. Many parents just see this and don’t want their children to squeeze a wooden bridge in Hong Kong, so they send their children to international schools.

Second, learn more easily. International schools are easier to arrange in time than local schools, and there are not so many homework assignments. Students can develop more hobbies according to their own interests.

Third, you can open up your horizons. International schools can reach out to more fresh things and open up their own horizons. Fourth, so families with conditions can still consider sending their children to international schools for further study. ( )