Stem activity education plays an active role in conveying innovative talents in the country. The original stem education was valued in the United States. Later, this kind of stem education was gradually introduced by more schools. Through the study of stem, students were promoted from traditional single subjects. The education method that focuses on book knowledge has gradually turned into the transfer of LEGO education and manual practice of technological innovation. Stem education pays more attention to the learning process than the traditional education method. Therefore, when children are in contact with the world from a young age, it is precisely the moment of intense curiosity, the Stem activity, the integration of traditional teaching with stem education, and the promotion of science and technology in the study. Innovation capacity. This kind of education mode is also taught in schools in Hong Kong. Students are led by teachers and learn the knowledge of books in the classroom. At the same time, they will learn a lot about technology in manual practice. These are applied in the robot course. It is the most obvious, the students show a strong interest, while the teaching and side-by-side operation also makes the students’ memory more clear, and they are more proficient in grasping the knowledge points, and enhance the application and understanding of scientific and technological knowledge in contact. . This is the positive significance of the launch of the stem event. Nowadays, this kind of stem activity education mode has been more accepted, bringing such advanced teaching methods to the campus, bringing children more open and creative growth teaching space, and making them become talents who are good at many disciplines. It has played a positive role in cultivating innovative talents in the future.